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Have a look in our workplace

In our spacious workshop the containers are unloaded and all items are cleaned before they enter the showroom one by one. Once a wooden product is sold, it goes back to the workshop, where our furniture makers finish the piece carefully.

We only finish the pieces after they have been sold, so that the customer can determine a number of things. A table top can be sawn, for example, if the shape or size is not satisfactory. We also look carefully at small cracks. If there is a risk of further cracks, we will apply a steel strip to the bottom of the table, possibly in combination with a “butterfly” at the top. Sometimes dowels are applied if the wood needs it.

The legs are milled in at the bottom, so that no sharp edges are created. Of course it is important that the table is stable. Not always easy with a trunk table, but our furniture makers always succeed.

Xyleia Showroom

Breede Goorstraat 4
7391 ZX Twello
The Netherlands

Opening hours

Sunday and Monday: closed
Tuesday to Saturday: 9AM - 5PM


+31 570 220 378