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A stylish base completes our wooden or petrified wood table tops and coffee tables. We therefore pay extra attention to this. The most important thing for us is that you as a customer always have a choice. You can always combine one of our tops, whether this is petrified wood or wood, with a base of your choice. And if you have your own design, feel free to ask us about the possibilities!

The most commonly chosen base is two steel U-model legs. When placing the legs, we always take into account the number of chairs that you want to place between the legs. The advantage of these legs is that someone can also sit at the end of the table, without the leg getting in the way.


Our X-model table legs have a more robust appearance than the U variant. If you like a sturdy look, this base may be more suitable for you. The disadvantage of these legs is that if the legs are placed too far at the end, someone cannot sit there very comfortably.


In contrast to the U and X model legs, the V-leg consists of only one leg. This makes it look like the table is floating. An elegant solution if you also want to be able to sit properly at the ends. Keep in mind that with the V-leg it can get in the way if you sit down in the middle of the table. You do not have this problem when using two legs.


This is one of our newer models: the plusframe. This base also consists of one leg, with which you can easily sit on the end side. This leg is not in the way when you are sitting in the middle, because it is an open model.


Just like the V-leg, the matrix frame consists of one solid frame. This makes it look like the table is floating. Also with this frame it is quite possible to sit on the ends. It is important to realize that if you like to stretch your legs when sitting in your chair, then the matrix frame can get in the way. This is especially the case in the middle of the table. You do not have this problem when using two legs.


Bar table leg
The bar table leg is ideal for a round table. This leg can be used for our round tree trunk tables as well as for our petrified wood. With this base, the slabs that are next to suar coffee tables and petrified wood coffee tables can also serve as a dining table. The advantage of a round table is that you can accommodate more people and that the leg will not bother you when sitting.


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