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The wooden tables of Xyleia Natural Interiors are completely unique. The majority of our table tops are cut from a single large tree. These so called scale parts of a tree, are allowed to dry naturally in the country of origin. This “sun dried” process helps prevent excessive cracking in the finished table. We finish the tables in The Netherlands, to European standards.

Our tables are often purchased to be used in homes, but we have noticed many corporate customers are using them to add a unique touch in managerial offices, board rooms, and in hotels.

Xyleia Natural Interiors offer tables with unusually large dimensions. We have widths varying up to 150cm, and with lengths up to 5m.

Choose your finish

Most of the wooden products on our website are not finished yet. We want to give you the chance to choose the finishing of your liking. After polishing and finishing with Tung oil, the wood usually looks darker than what you see on the photos. The advantage of Tung oil is that the figuring of the wood is even more emphasised. If the warm hue we get with oil is not your taste, we suggest Skylt varnish. This strong and ultra-mat varnish, which is developed for parquet floors, gives a natural and bright appearance. Both ways of finishing give a great protection against any liquid, and both are very easy to maintain. It’s just a matter of taste and the choice is yours. We can also arrange a “Liquid gloss” finishing of your table.

Table legs

Various table legs come with various prices. To give all customers the opportunity to choose table legs of their taste, the legs are not included in the price of the table tops. You can choose legs of steel, stainless steel, wood or even petrified wood. Sometimes we also have antique table legs made of stone in stock. You decide which model legs you like best. There are many options. Most popular models are U-shaped legs, because it is a modern style and it is also the most practical solution. Our neighbours, Aloys Elders Construction Company, produce the steel and stainless steel legs that we design. We spray the legs in the colour you like. Transparent varnish, to create an industrial look, is also possible. The tube that is used to weld the legs can vary in thickness, e.g. 10x10 cm, 8x4 cm, 10x5 cm and more. At the top of the legs we attach a steel plate, which is firmly screwed into the table top. This makes the table stable and we do not need any impractical and ugly horizontal bars between the legs. The legs are routed into the table top, to avoid sharp edges at the bottom of the table. You determine the position of the legs.

Please feel to visit our showroom. You will not be disappointed. For more information, please contact us.

Table 19534

En stock

Longueur: 461 Largeur façade: 111 Centre largeur: 100 Arrière largeur: 110 Épaisseur: 10,5

Table 19502

En stock

Longueur: 414 Largeur façade: 102 Centre largeur: 98 Arrière largeur: 78 Épaisseur: 11

Table 19504

En stock

Longueur: 424 Largeur façade: 119 Centre largeur: 96 Arrière largeur: 70 Épaisseur: 11

Table 19505


Longueur: 416 Largeur façade: 125 Centre largeur: 96 Arrière largeur: 86 Épaisseur: 10

Table 19514

En stock

Longueur: 325 Largeur façade: 120 Centre largeur: 90 Arrière largeur: 113 Épaisseur: 10

Table 19516

En stock

Longueur: 383 Largeur façade: 142 Centre largeur: 88 Arrière largeur: 113 Épaisseur: 11
Longueur: 307 Largeur façade: 137 Centre largeur: 126 Arrière largeur: 105 Épaisseur: 10

Table 18514

En stock

Longueur: 310 Largeur façade: 106 Centre largeur: 122 Arrière largeur: 70 Épaisseur: 9

Table 18517

En stock

Longueur: 311 Largeur façade: 110 Centre largeur: 75 Arrière largeur: 77 Épaisseur: 9
Longueur: 431 Largeur façade: 155 Centre largeur: 109 Arrière largeur: 143 Épaisseur: 10

Table 18521


Longueur: 423 Largeur façade: 172 Centre largeur: 150 Arrière largeur: 142 Épaisseur: 10

Table 18526


Longueur: 380 Largeur façade: 149 Centre largeur: 138 Arrière largeur: 131 Épaisseur: 10