Sculptures made of petrified wood

You can't surpass nature when it comes to creating beautiful shapes and colours. This certainly counts for our sculptures of petrified wood.

Xyleia Natural Interiors offers a wide selection of pieces of perfectly polished petrified wood, weighing up to 800 kg. These pieces offer a wonderful focal point in any living room or office.

The sculptures are cut perfectly, which means they are stable. A beautiful pedestal of basalt can finish the piece of art.

You are more than welcome to visit our showroom and see our stock for yourself. Please contact us for more information.

Longueur: 57 Largeur: 25 Hauteur: 103 Poids: 121
Longueur: 25 Largeur: 15 Hauteur: 153 Poids: 110
Longueur: 45 Largeur: 34 Hauteur: 128 Poids: 184
Longueur: 50 Largeur: 20 Hauteur: 133 Poids: 171
Longueur: 50 Largeur: 30 Hauteur: 105 Poids: 200