Memorial stones and urns from petrified wood

Bois petrifie Pierres tombale Petrified wood offers a wonderfully natural alternative to the more traditional memorial (head stone), to commemorate a loved one.

Urns to contain the ashes of loved one's, can be created from solid sections of petrified wood. A containment area is bored into the piece using special equipment. The ashes are then sealed inside the urn for permanent storage. We can also engrave words of your choice. We work closely with professional stone masons.

Our stones range from between 20 to 200 million years old. These stones offer a feeling of eternity, beautifully expressed. Each piece is unique.

Rough or unpolished stones are most suitable for outdoor locations. Xyleia Natural Interiors stock hundreds of carefully selected pieces.

Bois petrifie Pierres tombale

Waterproof nano-coating

Every kind of natural stone runs a risk of breaking in freezing condition. This also applies to petrified wood. Fortunately, we can say that we don’t have any bad experiences with breaking stones. We do guarantee that in the unlikely event that your head stone breaks, due to cold weather, you may choose a new stone of the same value. Please check our terms and conditions. To minimize the risk of breakage, we inject very thin, and invisible epoxy into every little crack that we can find. We also coat the stone with Nano coating. With this modern technology, the stone is basically protected from water. The potential influences of rain and low temperatures are now very small.

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