Wood Coffee tables

Coffee tables

The coffee tables offered by Xyleia Natural Interiors are unique, organic shapes. The material used is hardwood. Often the former root system of a tree. We offer a wide, beautiful range.

Choose your finish

Most of the wooden products on our website are not finished yet. We want to give you the chance to choose the finishing of your liking. After polishing and finishing with Tung oil, the wood usually looks darker than what you see on the photos. The advantage of Tung oil is that the figuring of the wood is even more emphasised. If the warm hue we get with oil is not your taste, we suggest Skylt varnish. This strong and ultra-mat varnish, which is developed for parquet floors, gives a natural and bright appearance. Both ways of finishing give a great protection against any liquid, and both are very easy to maintain. It’s just a matter of taste and the choice is yours. We can also arrange a “Liquid gloss” finishing of your table.

Coffee table legs

As with our larger tables, the coffee tables are offered with a range of legs to suit your decor. The price of a frame is not included in the price of the coffee table top. This way, we give you the opportunity to choose the frame you like most. Most customers choose for a cross frame. A triangle frame with three legs is also a poplar solution. Both models can be produced in steel of stainless steel. We can also make wooden legs for your coffee table. Obviously here are numerous other options. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Some of the tables incorporate a glass top. We use safety glass which complies to ISO standards.

For pricing information, and general enquiries, please contact us.

Length: 158 Width: 64 Thickness: 19
Length: 172 Width: 63 Thickness: 19
Length: 153 Width: 138 Thickness: 10
Length: 149 Width: 125 Thickness: 10
Length: 148 Width: 109 Thickness: 9
Length: 113 Width: 78 Thickness: 20
Length: 103 Width: 85 Thickness: 20
Length: 100 Width: 85 Thickness: 20
Length: 100 Width: 81 Thickness: 20
Length: 152 Width: 142 Thickness: 10
Length: 154 Width: 128 Thickness: 9
Length: 193 Width: 100 Thickness: 20