The products shown below are made of tropical wood from non-endangered species (especially Samanea Saman, also known as Tabaca). Most trees are not native to the rain forest in the country of origin. Much of the timber used in making our products are not felled in a forest, rather they are cut when road construction takes place for example.

Which tree species are used by Xyleia Natural Interiors? Most tree slab tables we import are made of the species albizia saman. This species is widespread throughout the tropical area, but nevertheless it is not native in South East Asia. Albizia saman originates from South and Central America. Several centuries ago, the tree was introduced in other countries with a suitable climate, like Thailand.

These trees do not exist in the natural rainforest. On the contrary, the trees are usually planted along roads and in parks.

Besides albizia saman Xyleia Natural Interiors sell consoles and coffee tables of rosewood and teak. These furniture pieces are made from the root system of the tree, and not the trunk.