Petrified wood

Are you looking for a unique piece of interior for your home, then petrified wood certainly is something for you. Xyleia Natural Interiors is the specialist on the field of petrified wood with one of the biggest collections in Europe. The material can be used perfectly to make robust interior objects. We cut the petrified wood in slices and combine it with steel frames to make unique coffee tables. When cut differently it is also possible to make stools out of it, which can be used as a pedestal for a piece of art or for a plant. Fossilized wood is also perfect to make wash basins from. Every wash hand basin is different because of the raw sides and the unique colors inside. Apart from these robust interior objects we also have smaller decorative objects, such as plates, bowls, book ends, coasters and candle holders made of petrified wood. If you have any good ideas yourself, please let us know and maybe we can make it!

What is petrified wood?
Petrified wood (also called fossil wood) is a mineral that can occur because trees are buried under a thick layer of volcanic ash. The ash contains many minerals that dissolve in groundwater. The wood doesn’t rot as quickly as it normally would, because it doesn’t come in contact with oxygen. Groundwater saturates the tree, and the minerals penertrate the cells within the tree.

Slowly but surely the rotten wood is replaced by the minerals. This process takes many years, and the structure of the dead tree is perfectly preserved. The wood content is replaced completely by hard stone like minerals. Experts can recognize the species of tree.