Eigen import

Petrified wood from Indonesia

In Indonesia, we buy from about four large suppliers, and a few dozen small ones. Some of them are better at slabs, and some are better at for example unpolished grave stones. If we can’t be present in Indonesia, our agent, Mr. Cecep, continues to search for special pieces of fossil wood. We also use all sorts of social media to communicate with our suppliers, whit whom we have developed a very good relationship in the past decade. They even warn us if they are cutting an extraordinary fossilized tree. We often have first choice, and we pay reasonable prices, which results in a very large stock of affordable pieces of petrified wood in our showroom.

All stones are gathered in our own warehouse, where they are finished if necessary and packed by our men.

Six to seven containers per year are shipped for Xyleia from Jakarta to Rotterdam. This is one of the more complicated aspects of doing business in Asia.

Wood from Thailand

Because the quality of the wooden table tops in Indonesia was not to our satisfaction, we went to Thailand to see the difference. Incidentally we bumped into Dutch businessman Marco Tuinenburg, who runs a great wood company with his Thai wife Jeab. They produce the best tree slab tables. We have developed wonderful cooperation, which results in a steady and reliable flow of the best tree slab tables.

Selecting the tables is a process of several days. Every slab must be moved from a stack by a crane. We select each slab, and our name is written on the wood if we buy it.

In contrast to the petrified wood from Indonesia, our wooden products should dry for a long time after we have bought them. Usually a table arrives in The Netherlands one year after we bought it.

About four or five times per year we import a 40 foot container with wood from Thailand.