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General Conditions Xyleia Natural Interiors

These general conditions apply to all offers and contracts to Xyleia Natural Interiors.


Quotations are valid for one month, unless otherwise stated. Prices mentioned in quotations are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. Prices quoted in tenders are excluding transportation from Lettele, The Netherlands.

Orders can only be made in writing (eg by e-mail) to Xyleia Natural InteriorsWhen a customer places an order, they accept the conditions mentioned. 

Xyleia Natural Interiors is not responsible for printing, typesetting or typographical errors or technical failures. Xyleia Natural Interiors is not bound to provide a product or price list.

Natural product

Xyleia Natural Interiors delivers natural products, and makes no representations regarding the conservation of the product delivered. The following situations may occur:

  • With wood and petrified wood, there is the chance over the course of time, that a difference in colour may occur.
  • Small cracks may appear in wooden products depending on the humidity, and room temperature where an item is kept.
  • When petrified wood is used outdoors, ice can cause small pieces to fragment, and fall off.


Our products are usually heavy. The customer is responsible for safely placing the items. Xyleia Natural Interiors accepts no liability for any damage to the customer or third parties, caused by Xyleia Natural Interiors products, regardless of cause.



Invoices must be paid in full within 14 days of invoice date. Xyleia Natural Interiors maintains full ownership delivered goods, until full payment is received. A late payment fee of 1% of the gross invoice amount, per month or, if applicable, a part of the month will be charged, unless a notice is required by Xyleia Natural Interiors.

In case of bankruptcy, moratorium or receivership of the customer’s assets, Xyleia Natural Interiors reserves the right to take back any items sold.

Any agreement between customer and Xyleia Natural Interiors, Dutch law will be applicable.