Xyleia Natural Interiors

The term "xyleia" means "wood" in Greek. Xyleia Natural Interiors, specialise in exclusive furniture products made from natural materials, including wood, and petrified wood. The furniture is imported from various countries in Asia and North America.

Our emphasis is strongly focused on quality and uniqueness.

The history of our company

Owner / Manager JJ Lems first came across petrified wood in 2004 when he was a teacher at the Dutch International School (NIS) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Every Friday afternoon a little market was organised for the parents and teachers of the school. One of the sales people was Mr. Cecep, who was selling small pieces of petrified wood. JJ asked Mr. Cecep whether he could join him on a trip to one the main suppliers, and one thing led to another. Many years later, Mr. Cecep is the agent for Xyleia in Indonesia.

After 25 years of teaching JJ decided that it was time for a change. Since 2007 he imports beautiful products made of wood and petrified wood from Indonesia. During the first few years Xyleia was housed in various agricultural barns and chicken coops.

After a few hiccups, like the burning down of the company in 2012, Xyleia now settled in a modern showroom, with a total surface is 2500 m2, in the village of Heeten, in the East of The Netherlands.

Meanwhile Xyleia has changed from a sole proprietorship into a Private Company. There are now five fulltime employees in The Netherlands, and about ten in Indonesia.